How to protect yourself from Cat Poop Parasites

Did you know there could be harmful parasites lurking in your cat’s poop?

It’s true.

The cat poop your beloved feline leaves behind could pose a health risk to your family and other people that come in contact with your cat.

There’s a harmful parasite epidemic occurring in the feline community. The most notorious parasite is the Toxoplasma gondii, which is oocysts, also known as embryonic T. gondii, released by cats in their cat poop.

The oocysts can easily pose health risks to humans, if the cat poop is not properly cleaned up.

Some common health risks that occur from Toxoplasma Gondii are:

-Weak immune systems
-Pediatric infectious diseases

Young children are the most vulnerable to the harmful parasites discovered in cat poop.

What can you do to protect your family from infectious diseases related to oocysts in cat poop?

You can stock up on cat cleaning supplies, cat litter accessories, cat litter and cat training products.

You should also take precautions for child safety such as covering the sandbox when your children are not using it for play.

Also to prevent oocysts from entering your fingernails, use cat repellent around your garden. Studies reveal that roughly 100 oocysts can enter your fingernails simply from gardening. To fight infectious diseases, always wash your hands immediately after working in your garden. If you have a vegetable or fruit garden, wash your fruits and vegetables before serving or eating.

On a good note, having an indoor cat can tremendously lower your family’s risk of being infected with harmful parasites. It’s cats that frequently explore the great outdoors that are likely carriers of the parasites.

Keep your cat up to date on vaccinations and keep up on preventative care at all times.

If you cat is sick and experiencing diarrhea, wear gloves when cleaning up after your cat.

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