Autumn Chill: How to keep your dog warm during cold weather

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As autumn comes into season, chilly weather is coming. During the change of seasons, it’s important to keep your dog warm. My Pet Store and More is here to help you prepare your dog for the cold weather.

Although dogs naturally have a fur coat to protect them from the elements, it’s not always enough to keep domestic dogs warm.

Both indoor and outdoor dogs can be put at risk of hypothermia when cold weather comes.

There are ways to make your home warmer and ways to keep your dog warmer outdoors.

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How do you add extra warmth to your home?

You can start with adding carpeting where your dog sleeps. Carpeting can help your dog keep a safe body temperature. The worse flooring for dogs is concrete flooring because it’s cold. We highly recommend placing carpet in the doghouse and any other area where your dog sleeps.

You may also want to consider purchasing a heat lamp for your dog.

For extra comfort, purchase bedding for your dog to serve as an inexpensive insulator. Heating pads are also great for adding extra warmth during rainy and cold days.

For the doghouse purchase a flap or covering for the door. The more enclosed you make the doghouse; the warmer it will be for your dog.

If your dog is more of an outdoors pet, you should purchase clothes and boots for your beloved dog.

Dog clothing such as sweaters will help your dog regulate his or her body heat while remaining comfortable. It is especially important that small dogs and short-haired dogs wear clothing during the fall and winter months.

You may also help your dog keep warm outdoors by properly grooming your pet. Keep your dog hair unknotted and trimmed to maintain the best warmth.

If you have a pet like a Huskie, you won’t have to worry as much about your dog keeping warm. However dog breeds such as the English Bull dog will need extra warmth for changing weather conditions.

Anytime your dog has been outdoors for an extensive period of time, check your dog’s paws for cuts and cracks. If you notice consistent cuts and cracks, it’s a good time to invest in dog boots.

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