Dental Care: How to properly care for your puppy’s teeth

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Have you introduced a new puppy to the family? Then it’s time to get informed about how to take care of your puppy’s dental health. Dogs need to maintain healthy teeth throughout their lifetime. The sooner you start properly caring for your dog’s teeth, the better.

My Pet Store & More is here to help you take good care of your puppy’s teeth by telling you about the Do’s and Do not’s of dog-dental care.

For starters, you should purchase a toothbrush for your puppy. Regular brushing of your puppy’s teeth will help him or her maintain a healthy diet and reduce bacteria build up in the mouth.

Next, purchase chew toys for your puppy to protect your beloved pet from gum disease. Early signs of gum disease can be seen in puppies by the age of four if they do not have proper dental care. A sure sign your dog is suffering from gum disease is bad breath. It is one of the first signs of gum disease or other dental health problems.

You will definitely know if your dog is suffering from gum disease if the foul mouth odor is accompanied with nausea, frequent urinating and a loss of appetite. If your puppy has any of these signs, you should immediately bring your pet to the veterinarian. The veterinarian may say that your dog is not suffering from gum disease by another oral disease. Most oral diseases have symptoms of bad breath, inflamed gums, tongue cysts and loose teeth for dogs.

If your dog only has a foul odor from the mouth, you can weekly examine your dog’s gums and teeth. Healthy gums are pink and have no swelling. Healthy teeth have no brown tartar.

To prevent tooth decay, perform teeth cleanings every week on your dog. You can purchase a toothbrush kit right at My Pet Store & More. You should not use fluoride on puppies under 6 months.

It’s important that your dog has healthy teeth so that he or she can groom, pull insects off his/her fur, and eat.

You can strengthen your puppy’s teeth with chew toys and dog bones. There are all types of textures available for chew toys – hard, soft, chewy and even crunchy.

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