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All you need is the right Yard Care/Waste Clean up supplies to truly get your pet waste problem under control.

Pet Waste Solutions

An essential item you will need is a pooper-scooper. The ideal pooper-scooper will be designed to rake in pet waste, collect it in a dustpan and effectively dispose waste in a trash bag.

Pooper-scoopers sold at My Pet Store and More features adjustable handles to offer pet owners user-friendly waste clean up tools.

We also have for sale gloves to help you handle pet waste in a safe, hygienic fashion.

It is important that the poop is always bagged rather than piled somewhere. Remember, pet waste is not a fertilizer. Pet waste is an environment pollutant that’s just a harmful as herbicides and insecticides to the environment.

When cleaning up pet waste, we recommend cleaning the yard in a grid pattern to assist you in locating pet waste in its entirety. This grid pattern will help you speed up your cleaning routine as well. Pets such as dogs have a routine pattern of where they will relieve themselves of waste.

While cleaning up waste, always be careful where you step. It’s hard to remove poop from underneath any type of shoe.

Don’t forget to wear eye protection when cleaning up pet waste, the last thing you need is waste flinging into your eyes.

Animal waste has E. coli and millions of coliform bacteria for every gram. Scoop up as much waste as possible and dispose of it immediately.

It’s recommended that a pet owner clean up pet waste every week or every two weeks if your pet solely uses your yard. If your pet uses public areas to poop, clean up the waste on the spot.

Pet waste that’s left for up to 3 days at a time can release bacteria that end up in our Maryland watersheds.

Have your pet trained to potty only in a designated area for best pet waste disposal.

Dog waste solutions

It’s crucial that you learn how to properly handle pet waste as a pet owner. If you do not handle pet waste properly, here are the health risks you’re exposed to:

  • Pets like dogs and cats can easily transmit diseases to you such as roundworms, salmonella, and hookworms to you through waste. To lower the health risks that come with pet waste exposure, you may want to purchase an in-ground stool digester, which functions like a septic tank to break down fecal matter.

  • Fly infestation. Anytime fecal matter is present, it gives flies the opportunity to lay eggs and eat feces. Flies spread disease and could enter your home to contaminant your food and living space. By cleaning up waste you can provide yourself reliable fly control.

  • You can put your dog at risk of illness if your pet decides to eat his or her feces. There are oral products available that can reduce your pet’s desire to eat fecal matter.

At My Pet Store and More, we educate customers on how to better care for their pets. We offer quality products with the best prices around. We provide friendly service with the ability to help guide customers to find exactly what they need.

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