What pet supplies protect horses from flies?

Fly Mask for horses

Have you noticed flies swarming your horse?

Flies are an extreme nuisance for horses and horse owners alike.  The flies follow your horse around the barn and pasture… eventually they may even find their way into your home. Some can cause your horse to suffer from severe pain by biting your horse and leaving welts.

Your horse life can be put at risks from flies that carry dangerous diseases.

When you see flies buzzing everywhere, it’s time to take control of your fly problem.

You can resolve your fly problems by identifying what type of flies are present on your farm. There are plenty of insect control products available at My Pet Store and More. We also have available fly repellents, traps and fly masks that will assure your horse utmost protection from flies.

What types of flies pester horses?

There are seven primary flies that are detrimental to the well being of horses:

Bot flies. These flies lay eggs on the coats of horses so they may attach themselves to the hair of horses. As the bot flies agitate the surface area of the horse coat, the horse naturally chews away at the coat and consumes the bot fly eggs. Once in the body, the bot fly eggs develop into parasitic larvae and attach themselves to the horse stomach lining.  You can treat your horse by purchasing a dewormer that includes ivermectin. A fly repellent with pyrethrin or permethrin will keep bot flies from returning.

The deer fly. These flies painfully bite horses. Sometimes the bites can cause infections such as equine anemia. Horses can be protected from deer fly when fly ointment and spray repellents are applied.  You may also want to use flytraps throughout your property.

Horn fly.These are blood-sucking flies that transfer diseases and parasites to horses. With good grooming supplies and fly repellent products, you can keep your horses well protected. A fly mask is beneficial as well.

We have fly control products for these flies, horse flies, and houseflies/ stable flies.

Other ways you can protect your horse from flies is to keep the barn area as clean as possible. When you spot rotting hay, clean it up.  Clean the horse pen of manure on a regular basis.

Fly Spray for horses

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