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NUPRO® Natural Dog Supplement was researched and developed by a doctor of nutrition, using fresh, premium quality health food ingredients. A totally holistic product, it will provide your dog with the full range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential omega fatty acids – All in their Natural Raw Forms – that he/she does not get from processed foods. In other words, what we are doing is replacing with natural ingredients what a dog would normally have gotten in the wild. An excellent All-In-One daily supplement for all breeds and all ages – Puppies to Seniors.
NUPRO® Natural Dog Supplement has no wheat, corn, fillers, grains, artificial sugars or preservatives, glutens or by-products of any kind.
NUPRO® Natural Dog Supplement is formulated as a powder, and is not a concentrate, which allows it to be easily assimilated into your dog’s system and digested with your dog’s food. There is no sense in giving an animal this superior product if they do not digest it properly. Whether you use commercial dog foods, home-cook for your animals, or feed the B.A.R.F. diets, NUPRO® All Natural Dog Supplements should be a fundamental part of your pet’s daily nutritional program
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NUPRO® Supplements come in 4 different size containers.  Each size was designed to fit a certain dog’s weight.  For your convenience, please follow the charts below in choosing the proper size that is right for your dog.  These amounts start out higher as you begin the program.
NUPRO® is designed for your dog to initially be given these greater dosages for 2 to 3 months in order to allow the product to effectively work to first detoxify and then to build and support a healthy immune system. **Following this initial period, dosages may be decreased to one-half of these amounts for daily maintenance.**
The recommended daily amounts are listed on the various labels as follows:
 ** Enclosed scoop = 3 tablespoons (1 oz.) **
Dog’s Weight Daily Quantity Required
Under 5 lbs. 1/4 Scoop per Day
6 lbs. to 10 lbs. 1/3 Scoop per Day
11 lbs. to 20 lbs. 1/2 Scoop per Day
21 lbs. to 40 lbs. 1 Scoop per Day
41 lbs. to 70 lbs. 1 1/2 Scoops per Day
Over 70 lbs. 2 Scoops per Day
Mix with water for a great liver gravy!

5 pound size NUPRO® Supplements
Contains 80 scoops.  Approximately a 5 week supply for a dog weighing  70 pounds or more.
This size is also good for 2 or 3 small to medium size dogs for one month.
**MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS** – (Following the initial period)
Remember! –
The above quantities should be given to your pet on a daily basis for 2 to 3 months, or until desired results have been achieved.
After the initial 2 to 3 months, these daily dosages, as listed on these charts, may be decreased to one half of the amounts and be given every day for maintenance of your pet’s regular vitamin/mineral/enzyme/amino and omega fatty acid supplementation program.
NUPRO® is recommended to be administered during or after your pet has eaten.  Daily dosages may be divided between AM and PM.
NUPRO® is excellent in combination with the raw B.A.R.F. diet.  It saves time when preparing meals and supplies all the essential nutrients required for the supplementation of special diets.
Whether you feed raw foods, home cooked meals, dry kibble or a combination diet —- NUPRO® will enhance your pet’s nutritional program with all the real, live, fresh nutrients he/she needs to support a healthy body and strong immune system —-  just like the wolf gets naturally in the wild!

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