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Developed by animal health experts, Spry® is scientifically formulated with clinical levels of active ingredients to promote the respiratory health of your cat. Power-packed with L-lysine, organic prebiotics and antioxidant-rich superfoods, Spry supports eye and respiratory health while strengthening the body’s defenses. Give Spry every day to keep your cat happy, healthy and vibrant through all nine lives.

Grain free
Free of wheat, corn and soy
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
Made in USA
100% satisfaction guaranteed

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How it works

Scientifically formulated

Spry is an ideal daily supplement for cats with weak immune systems, senior cats, recently adopted feline friends, and outdoor cats. Its potent combination of antioxidant-rich superfoods, immune boosters, vitamins and amino acids is truly a body’s best friend. Discover powerful respiratory, ocular, and immune support for clear eyes and easy breathing. We know cats can be picky, so we spent a year conducting palatability trials to ensure your cat will have the best tasting good health, and we’re pretty proud that 9 out of 10 cats prefer our functional daily supplements. Science never tasted so good!

ingredients with a purpose

Each serving of Spry contains clinically tested levels of L-Lysine, an amino acid with antiviral properties, to boost immune support. Blueberries and sweet potatoes provide a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants to support clear, comfortable eyes and clear respiratory health, while prebiotics support the 70% of the immune system that is contained in the digestive tract.

FEATURED Ingredients


Inulin is a natural plant-based prebiotic that feeds the healthy bacteria already living in your pet’s gut. It plays a large role in healthy digestion and a healthy immune system.


Blueberries bring on the phytochemicals, including anthocyanidins, which are powerful antioxidants, plus fiber in these nutritious little berries. We use only the whole, nutrient rich berries.


L-Lysine is an amino acid with antiviral properties that helps with support respiratory and ocular health.

full ingredients + directions for use

2.1 oz. bag contains approximately 60 chews.

10.5 oz. bag contains approximately 300 chews.

Directions for use

We recommend 2 chews per day per 10 lbs. of bodyweight.

Additional information

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