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Like all of our amazing freeze dried chicken products, the convenient easy pour shaker makes it easy to provide a tasty treat to your cats and dogs. These small pieces of chicken are the perfect enticement for those cats and dogs on a prescribed diets or who are just fussy eaters.

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All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.
This human grade, FDA inspected all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.
This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 70 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.
Packaged in a clear shaker, the scrumptious chicken is conveniently crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. The small grains can serve as a highly effective food enhancement when added to a meal.
Sprinkles can be an important tool for pets on prescription diets. Prescribed foods can be bland and unappetizing to a cat or dog who may have little appetite to begin with. However, without these prescription diets, a pet with poor health may not live as long.
Many veterinarians suggest topping the food with Sprinkles in order to revive appetite and to encourage a renewed interest in eating. We have been providing Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles to veterinarians for many years. As a precaution, we always recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.
Proudly made in the USA.

Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken
All Natural
Crude Protein min. 80%
No Additives
Crude Fat min. 3%
No Preservatives
Crude Fiber max. 1%
High Protein
Moisture max. 4%
Low Fat

Healthy Meal Additive

Appetite Stimulant
*Not intended as a meal substitute.
No Refrigeration Required

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